If you can imagine it in wrought iron, Old World Iron can create it. From Architectural and security fixtures, to furnishings and specialty pieces, Old World Iron is the master source.

Whether you’re building or remodeling, Old World Iron can incorporate the classic artistry of wrought iron.

Gateway and fences, balconies and stair railings are just a few of the many ways you can enrich your environment with wrought iron. Additionally we also offer our products in aluminum for exterior use in coastal areas. Old World Iron also has experience with commercial installations including restaurants, department stores and book stores.

From the moment you are introduced to Old World Iron’s products, our handcrafted difference is apparent. That’s because our artisans and blacksmiths faithfully perpetuate the old world traditions of authenticity and quality. Forged and hammered by hand, Old World Iron wrought iron products are the choice of discriminating yet value-conscious homeowners, builders and architects.

With Surprising affordability, our craftsmen will faithfully render your order with all the unique nuances your plans require.

Please contact us today. We’ll be glad to show you the creative difference Old World Iron can make.

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